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        Hello! Welcome to Shaanxi Qinyuan Textile Co., Ltd.
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        Good news: Warmly congratulate Qinyuan Textile Co., Ltd. on passing GOTS organic cotton certification and RCS regenerated fiber certification.

        READ: TIME:2019-06-26 16:15
        In March 2019, our company passed GOTS certification and RCS certification. This has undoubtedly attracted the attention of a large number of customers, but also many customers do not understand the significance and role of GOTS certification and RCS certification, so today Xiaobian will come to popularize science for you!
        I. What is GOTS certification
        Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS for short.
        The purpose of GOTS standard certification is to ensure the standardization of organic textiles from harvesting raw materials, producing through environmental protection and conforming to CSR, and packaging and labeling of final products, so as to ensure that reliable products are brought to final consumers. This new and unique certification standard requires textile manufacturers to standardize their production of organic textiles and garments with globally recognized standards, which is an important measure to achieve coordination and transparency of textile labels.
        GOTS standard covers all textile processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trade and distribution activities with organic natural certified fibre content not less than 70%. Final products may include (but are not limited to) fiber products, yarns, fabrics, clothing, textile fashion (wearable) accessories, textile toys, household textiles, mattress bedding and textile personal care products.
        Standard contents include: raw materials, production process, packaging and transportation, inputs (including accessories, dyes and chemicals, processing aids, etc.), production records, social standards, environmental management, quality control (including technical quality parameters and residues detection) and so on.
        II. Universalization of Global GOTS Certification
        The number of GOTS certified factories has increased from 3663 to 3814.
        GOTS certification is a global spontaneous standard for garments and home textiles specializing in organic fibers (such as organic cotton and wool) and for post-harvest processing (including textiles, knitting, dyeing and production) with environmental and social certification.
        Claudia Kersten, Director of Marketing, GOTS, said: "This data shows that although it is only a self-established standard, GOTS's credible and independent certification of the entire supply chain can promote the sustainable development of business."
        More and more people have accepted GOTS certification.
        The Development of GOTS Certification in China
        The number of GOTS certification sites in China continues to grow steadily, from 269 in 2016 to 292 in 2017. Demand from both buyers and retailers is growing. With more and more international brands and retailers embedding GOTS in their management system, such as ** Company held a sustainable development seminar in Shanghai, focusing on introducing GOTS to their suppliers in China and guiding their further GOTS procurement work. Some emerging Chinese brands have also shown great interest in GOTS and actively participated in the promotion of organic textiles.
        IV. Significance of GOTS Certification
        First, all the production hardware and environment are certified. For the hardware links of production, factories, textile machinery, especially in the dyeing process, inspectors are sent every year to check whether the treatment of wastewater meets the requirements. This is conducive to establishing cooperative relations with some large textile processing and manufacturing groups and improving brand influence.
        Secondly, the product is certified. It is not only the product itself that is certified, but also the process of the product from the source to the end through the whole supply chain that conforms to the GOTS certification standard. In this way, the quality of products has been improved, and at the same time, it has played a good role in promoting the development of enterprises.
        1. What is the RCS Recycling Declaration Standard?
        RCS certification, Recycled Claimed Standard, is another recycling (regeneration) standard introduced by Textile Trade Organization in 2013. It is used to provide certification basis for products using recycled raw materials.
        RCS certification (standard certification of recycling declaration) is applicable to products with recycled raw material content between 5% and 100%.
        II. The Purpose of Standard Certification of RCS Recycling Declaration
        The purpose of RCS certification is to ensure that products contain recycled materials. Consumers believe that products purchased contain recycled materials, because the choice of products made from recycled materials is through RCS certification to help increase the use of recycled materials and reduce waste.
        The Significance of Accreditation of RCS Recycling Declaration Standard
        First, through RCS certification means that the factory has qualifications for printing and dyeing of regenerated fiber textiles. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more downstream enterprises choose recyclable and reusable recycled fibers as raw materials to make clothing, bags, shoes and hats and other products. These "green" products are especially favored by European and American customers. This is also in line with the concept of "green development" advocated by China's visionary.
        Secondly, through RCS certification, it will show strong competitiveness in quality management, social responsibility, environmental norms, chemical control and other aspects. It will become a designated processing enterprise of many domestic and foreign brands and realize the promotion of its own brand.
        Third, through RCS certification, on the one hand, it will have the opportunity to be included in the purchasing list of international buyers and world famous enterprises, and also take a solid step towards internationalization for enterprises; on the other hand, it will enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises'green and environmental protection, and strengthen the brand awareness of enterprises.

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